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Tally Software Services

Powerful Upgrades and Connected Services on your evolving Business


What is TSS?

A set of services are provided under the Tally software services subscription that adds amazing value to your Tally Prime. These services are as per the latest development in the technology and statutory requirements of running a business. Features include continuous product updates, data exchange between different branches, remote desktop access, banking and payment features, etc

Key Benefits

Connected Services to Generate e-Way Bills Instantly Tally is completely e-way bill portal linked. E-way Bill generation through Tally is simple, smooth and trustworthy. Tally being one of the known ISO licensed GSP (GST Suvidha Provider), TallyPrime without delay integrates with the e-way portal to seamlessly generate e-way bills for you without the requirement to do it manually.

  • Quickly create an e-way bill for one invoice or many invoices.
  • Create, delete and update e-way bill details online in TallyPrime.
  • Adaptability to create e-way bills alongside e-invoices or independently as you need.
  • Get a complete E-way bill report with all details of transactions and their statuses as well.
  • You can generate E-way bills offline as well.

Collaborated Services to Generate e-Invoice
Creating and printing e-invoices is hassle-free with TallyPrime's connected services. Tally being a reputed and ISO confirmed GSP (GST Suvidha Provider), TallyPrime straightforwardly incorporates with IRP gateway to flawlessly create e-invoices

  • Auto-create e-invoice in a split second.
  • Print IRN and QR code consequently without any progressions to the invoicing system that you follow.
  • Adaptability to send individual/particular/mass invoices to IRP
  • Produce e-invoice alongside the e-way bill, any place material.
  • e-Invoice report to get a better perspective on the status (generated/pending/cancelled)

Business Reports on Any Device, Anywhere
Constant and secure access to significant business report from an internet browser, on any gadget, at any place.

  • View your significant business reports anyplace on an internet browser.
  • The comfort of getting to your information anyplace while your information remains just with you.
  • Access significant business reports, for example, Bills Receivable and Payable, Stock Summary, Sales/Purchase Register, Profit and Loss A/C, Balance Sheet and so on efficiently and quickly.
  • Assisting you with pursuing the business decisions quicker.
  • You can download an invoice or any report and share it.

  • Product updates
    From time to time product updates guarantee that your TallyPrime takes care of your steadily changing business prerequisites.

    • Benefit from new product upgrades and significant deliveries at successive periods.
    • Guarantee compliance with the most recent technological and statutory changes.

    Banking and Payment
    Experience a smooth and simple way of banking and Payment Services through TSS. Get updates for all the most recent cheque formats of banks that anyone could hope to find in your TallyPrime.

    • Automated bank reconciliation with your Tally accounts.
    •  It's fast and stress-free. It saves your time, labour and money.

    Remote Access
    All-day business collaboration and connectivity utilizing our Remote Access Services and dealing with your business from any place in the world.

    • Get nonstop access to vital data about your business execution regardless of the time or area.
    •  Oversee incomes, ledgers, stock positions or assembling timetables in any event, even when you are not in your office.
    • Make and alter the deals and different information when you're in a hurry.
    • Give access to Chartered Accountants and their review representatives to review information.


    • Single user edition
    • For Standalone PCs
    • INR 3,600
    • +18% GST (INR 648)
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    • Limitless multi-user edition
    • For multiple PCs in LAN environment
    • INR 10,800
    • +18% GST (INR 1,944)
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