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content At Tally, we believe in the “power of simplicity”. This philosophy drives our product design and we constantly strive to ensure that it is easy to deploy, simple to use and needs minimum learning. It also means that our software is simple to self-maintain. However, in the rare instance that you do need assistance with your Tally product, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service.


For your convenience we provide three options of support to choose from:


1. Self Help

Most small issues that you may come across while working on Tally, can be effectively resolved by using our self-help option. You might also want to go through our self-help option to increase your knowledge of the product.


Self Help offerings:

Local help is a comprehensive guide to understanding the features of each and every module of Tally. It will effortlessly walk you through the features and assist you in using the product step-by-step and is the quickest and most convenient way to solve product related queries. You can access the help option from within Tally.ERP 9 and Shoper 9. Select the ‘Help’ option from the gateway and click on ‘Local Help’


Online Help:

It is a powerful one-stop repository of all the help, FAQs, ‘tips and tricks’ that helps you get more out of your software. The knowledge-base includes:User Manuals,Articles on Tally,FAQs ,Scenario based queries,Trouble Shooting


2. Off-site Support

Offsite Support is the assistance provided to you at your office via the support centre, telephone, email . We believe that these offsite options will help resolve your concerns in the fastest and most efficient manner.


3. On-site Support

Occasionally you might require a visit from a Tally Partner at your office to assist you with your Tally software. We call this Onsite Service. We have a vast network of dedicated Tally Service Partners (TSP)