Tally on Cloud, TellySoft Pvt. Ltd.

Tally on Cloud

Tally on Cloud is a service that takes your offline Tally software program on cloud. With Tally on cloud, you can access your Tally records from everywhere and at every time and from any user device.


A reliable, low maintenance and within your budget of using your Tally is via Tally On cloud. Save several charges like operational charges, backup and records maintenance charges, server hardware charges, and plenty of different miscellaneous charges through cloud computing..


You run your business whilst we deal with your IT necessities. Antra Cloud offers now not only Tally on cloud however additionally it also offers different crucial software program which includes Emails, MS Office, etc on cloud.


This cloud computing service will assist you get access to your records from everywhere and at every time taking your business to a brand new degree of productiveness.


Sometimes because of strikes or natural calamities or some other unexpected cause personnel won't be capable of work from office. The task is to maintain your business 100% efficient at such times. To make this possible, Antra Cloud will deliver business owners and personnel the liberty to access to their work from everywhere and at anytime which will in turn enhance the general productiveness of the business.


  • Improved performance
  • Virus Protection
  • Scalable - Pay according to user
  • Negligible Downtime
  • Data Security and cloud security
  • Data everywhere at every time

    • FAQ's

      • What is Tally on cloud?

        Tally on Cloud is a service that assists to take your offline Tally software program on cloud. Once online, you can access to your Tally records from everywhere and at every time and from any device.

      • Is Tally records secured on Tally cloud?

        Yes your records are absolutely secured on Tally cloud. Only the admin and authorised users may be capable of get entry to the records. Also provisions are made for records security and backup.

      • Why Tally On cloud?

        More and more businesses are working from office and from home. This has led to Tally users requiring the flexibility to work from anywhere and at anytime. Also Tally on Cloud boosts your Tally performance and increases its security. As a result too many businesses are moving to Tally on Cloud.

      • Can we use Tally on Mac?

        Tally on cloud will permit you to access your tally even from a Mac book that is in any other case not possible.

      • What will I require to access my records from a different location using Tally On Cloud?

        All you need is a device, a robust net connection and access to the cloud server wherein your records are saved.

      • Can I nevertheless work in Tally on Cloud while my net isn't working?

        No. You require a consistent net connection to access Tally on cloud.

      • Can Tally be used on Mobile Device after taking Tally On Cloud?

        Yes. You can access your Tally records from any device at all times.

      • Can different files/software program be saved on Tally On Cloud?

        You can keep Tally and many other required software program like Microsoft office, Email Clients on Antra Cloud / Tally On Cloud.