Tally Add-Ons / Modules


We have created some very useful ready to use addons in Tally. These addons make your Tally usage much more efficient. Apart from the standard features of Tally, you can now use some additional features in Tally. Tally by default, provides thousands of features but there are some businesses that are unique an have unique requirements that maybe irrelevant for other businesses. Such requirements can be implemented in Tally through these addons.


After speaking to numerous businesses, we have understood and identified some unique requirements and developed these addons to customise your Tally software. These addons are made considering its popularity and market need.

Some of the most popular ready to use addons we have developed are -

Tally Add-Ons / Modules Features

Tally Sheet Magic – Excel based report Writer

Create your own reports on excel using Tally data. Do not worry about copying the numbers from Tally, Tally Sheet Magic - the excel based report writer will do it for you!

Tally Multi File Attachment

Attach multiple files along with your financial transactions & retrieve them at your desk. Share documents by email and improve internal operations & customer service.

Tally One Click Outstanding

Follow-ups are essential to ensuring smooth cash flow. Further delay in following up can delay the recovery of your debt. Now you can Automate all follow-ups for outstanding emails in one click with Tally One-Click Outstanding.

Tally Multiple Branch Management

You can now manage data from multiple branches of a business in a single Tally company. Multiple Branch Management in Tally is the simplest way of managing data from multiple branches spread over multiple states with multiple GSTNs.

Smart Backup++ for Tally

Smart Backup ++ in Tally takes timely automatic backup of your Tally data. It ensures zero human intervention in the whole Tally backup process.

Tally ERP 9 Audit Trail with Voucher History

Get complete transaction trail of an entry. Starting from who and when an entry was created to alteration and when it was deleted and by whom. Get all user details with date stamps and amount details as well.

Tally Voucher Type Level Security

Tally voucher level security is a must have addon in Tally for all businesses with more than one Tally users. Through this module you can restrict the user actions in certain parts of Tally.

Tally Material Requirement Planning – MRP

Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is an add-on module in Tally, which allows the user to create the production and purchase requirement on the basis of Tally data.

Tally Import Item/Ledger Master

You can import Stock items and ledger masters from Excel to Tally.

Tally Copy Company Security

You can copy all the security restrictions set for a specific company to other companies in a click using this add-on in Tally.

Tally Auto Manual voucher Numbering

You can alternate between automatic numbering and manual voucher numbering as and when required. Also retain voucher number on cancellation/deletion.

Tally Transaction Authorisation

Authorise vouchers before it displays in the books of accounts. Set levels & rights primarily based on Amount & sort of transaction. Revision & Rejection choice available.

Tally Terms and Conditions with Digital Signature

Have the liberty to define, modify & Print Terms & Conditions to your Sales Invoice at the side of your Company’s Digital Signature (scan & attach).

Tally Utility Pack

A set of especially applied functions for daily operations. A should have for all Tally users. Features like calendar, contact manager, gentle colors, envelope printing, general narration etc.

Digitally signed invoice in Tally

You can sign all invoice digitally with digital signature addon in Tally.

E-way Bill in Tally.ERP 9

E-way bill is necessary for the transportation of all goods over Rs. 50000. You can generate E-way bill in Tally.ERP 9 with Tally E-way bill addon.

Matrix Magic Addon

An analysis tool for management to have a 3 dimensional view reporting based on the data in Tally. It is capable of generating matrix reports based on fields (standard & user-defined) in vouchers.

GST Reminder

Streamline your Input Tax credit by intimating your provider approximately the lacking or mismatch taxable invoices via way of means of the usage of GSTR Reminder in Tally.

Tally Brokerage Module

This module restricts the user to pick a particular godown throughout voucher entry. The restrict may be specified within the voucher type master.

Tally Stock Group Control at Voucher Type Level

TallyThis module lets the display & choice of inventory objects of a specific Stock Group throughout Voucher entry. The restrict may be exact within the voucher type master.

Tally Delete Unused Master

Delete all masters that are unused & now no longer required. Ledgers, Groups, Cost centres, groups and so on with Zero Opening Balance, no transaction & no tracking may be deleted.